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Istituto Francescano di Spiritualitā (TS)

Master in Formazione francescana in Inglese (non attivato) (2009/10)

Course programme year II - First Semester

(Won't be activated during 2010-2011)

I. Obligatory subjects

Codice Titolo Professore ECTS
1670 MF The Human-Spiritual Formation of a “Franciscan” Person Coughlin 3
1671 MF The Development of the Franciscan Person (Personal, Interpersonal, Ecclesial, Structural Dimensions) Couturier 3
1672 MF Franciscan Spirituality: Formation in Living the Gospel Short 3
1673 MF Developmental Psychology and Formation Nethisinghe 3
1674 MF Family of Origin and Its Influence Taylor 1,5
1675 MF Counseling Skills: an Introduction Garland 1,5
1676 MF Franciscan Spiritual Accompaniment Crasta 3
1677 MF Self Awareness Nethisinghe 1
1687 MF Personal Faith Journey: Rooted and Guided by God’s Story Taylor 1,5

II. Optional[1]

1656 MF The Franciscan Intellectual Tradition Chinnici 1,5
1705 SO The discernment of spirits: «Test everything and hold on to what is good» (1Thess 5,21) Plattig 3

Second Semester

I. Obligatory subjects

Codice Titolo Professore ECTS
1679 MF Franciscan Accompaniment of Formators Feaver 3
1680 MF Formative Accompaniment: Supervision Garland 3
1681 MF Integrating Spirituality and Sexuality Taylor 3
1683 MF The Dynamics of Community Life Salonia 1,5
1684 MF Experiencing and Celebrating our Cross Cultural Reality Hixon 1,5
1685 MF Training Sessions for Leadership in the Franciscan Life Jose 3
1686 MF Franciscan Formation and Leadership: Canonical Aspects Yates 1,5
1688 MF Discernment during the Formative Process Mathias 3

II. Optional

Codice Titolo Professore ECTS
1657 MF Medieval Female Spirituality Pryds 1,5
1804 SO “Between knowledge, wisdom and faith”: mystical and ascetical theology Dienberg 3

[1]The optional courses may be selected from those offered in the Licence Programme in Spirituality. The subjects listed here are suggestions.

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