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Master in Formazione francescana in Inglese (non attivato) (2009/10)
In response to perceived needs within the Franciscan Family in regard to the renewal of formation, the Franciscan Institute of Spirituality at the Pontifical University Antonianum (PUA) in affiliation with the Franciscan International Study Centre (FISC)[1]now presents a Master Programme in Franciscan Formation in English which finally has not been possible to activate during the present year 2010-2011.

The purpose of the programmeis to offer a theoretical and practical understanding of the principles and dynamics of formation for a religious community life within a Franciscan perspective.

Conditions for enrolment:
Prerequisites for admission to full two year course are:

1) an ability to do academic work;
2) a working knowledge of English.

Admission to the programme directly into the second year at the PUA (omitting year I at FISC) requires that:

1) students have a basic university degree (a three year bachelor degree);
2) at least a minimum of previous work experience in the area of formation;
as well as
3) a basic knowledge of franciscan spirituality (a minimum of 20 ECTS).

Year I
An initial concentration on Franciscan studies and Franciscan formation, integrating academic studies and practical experiences. This initial year is such as is organised in the FISC at Canterbury in England. The acceptance of equivalent studies elsewhere is reserved to the PUA.

I core courses
1) Franciscan Studies: Writings of Francis, Study of the TOR or First Order Rule and Charism; History, Identity and Values of First and TOR Franciscans; Franciscan Sources I, II, III;
2) Franciscan Spirituality/Theology: Christ in Franciscan Writings; Franciscan Intellectual Heritage; Relevance of Franciscanism for the Church Today; Bonaventure’s Soul’s Journey; Praying with Francis and Clare; Evangelical Life; Clare of Assisi;
3) Franciscan Formation: Franciscan Formation Seminars I, II, III (Theory and practical application of Franciscan Formation Principles); Franciscan Formation Sessions I, II, III (Study of Church and Franciscan Documents regarding Consecrated Life and the concepts of Formation, the formator, and the levels of formation within a Franciscan perspective and with direct application to Rules, constitutions, and Congregational Formation policies); Franciscan Vision and the Evangelical Counsels; Conversion as Primary Principle of Franciscan Formation.

II core courses.
1) Franciscan anthropology and educational psychology, interdisciplinary working methods; the specific psychological and educational elements of the formation process.
2) Franciscan spirituality: approaching the sources, essential elements, prayer animation.
3) Personal relationships: the affective life; the dynamics of community life; listening techniques.
4) Theoretical and practical aspects of formation accompaniment and of discernment.
5) Personal training interviews to gain an adequate understanding of one’s own resources and limits with formation responsibility in view. Sixteen sessions are required.
6) If required there will be a workshop on Assisi and surroundings.

Admission interview
To enter the programme, it is necessary to have first an admission interview arranged with one of the programme moderators.
Attendanceat the lessons and other training exercises is obligatory.

A Diploma of Masters degree (first level)will be issued to the students who obtain at least 60 credit points (ECTS) and who present a written work of at least twenty five (25) pages at the conclusion of the programme.

First year 20
Second year  
obligatory courses 31
optional courses 3
personal training interviews 3
written work 3
total 60
Enrolment fee: 1500 €
Fee for the personal training interviews: 320 €

Moderators: Jose sr. Crispin, H.C. -
                       Garland S. sr. Charlotte, F.M.M. -

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